Three-dimensional experimental typography made using several layers, changing scales, twists, and alternate black and white.

Born in Bilbao, Spain, Txaber Mentxaka graduated in Graphic Design. After working for several agencies and improving his skills as a graphic designer for many years, Txaber started to focus more on graphic experimentation and 3D creation. Driven by his fascination with typography, he has created a series of 3D lettering based on experimental alterings. The result is a typographic concept with great strength and expressiveness. As you can see in the final images, this treatment is also interesting applied to logo designs. For more of Txaber Mentxaka’s creative work, please visit his website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Experimental layer typography by Txaber Mentxaka.
The Latin-based characters from A – Z.
Experimental layer typography by Txaber Mentxaka.
The set of numbers from 1 – 9.
Experimental layer typography by Txaber Mentxaka.
Experimental creation based on the iconic Adidas logo.
3D rendered logo design.
3D rendered logo design.

All images © by Txaber Mentxaka. Do not hesitate to have a look at our Graphic Design category to find other inspiring projects realized by talented graphic designers and leading studios from around the globe. For more creative inspiration, check out this list of top graphic designers worth to follow on Instagram. WE AND THE COLOR is an award-winning online magazine focusing on today’s art and design trends.

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