Portraits, everyday life, and picturesque places through the lens of British photographer Emma Hardy.

Before I started writing this article, I got myself a fresh cup of coffee and enjoyed browsing through Emma Hardy’s beautiful photographs for quite some time. These images take your mind on a journey to various places. The self taught photographer is skillfully playing with light, colors, and shadows, which results in such a dreamy and timeless atmosphere. Whether everyday scenes or distant places, Emma Hardy finds beauty in almost every fleeting event. Her photographs seem to show us how beautiful a simple moment can be.

Just take a break and have a look at the images below. I highly recommend you to visit Emma Hardy’s website to find more of her emotive photographs.

Emma Hardy, horses and trees
Horses and trees captured in a picturesque scenery.
Emma Hardy, breathtaking
Literally breathtaking images of beautiful places and people.
Emma Hardy, hanging around
Hanging around.
Emma Hardy, headstand
True headstand.
Emma Hardy, heavenly places
Let’s get lost in those heavenly places.
Emma Hardy, light, shadows, and silhouettes of two children
Light, shadows, and the silhouettes of two children.
Emma Hardy, swimming or riding
Swimming or riding?
Emma Hardy, the soap bubble
The soap bubble.
Emma Hardy, travel photography
Emotive portrait and travel photography.

All images © by British born photographer Emma Hardy. Do not hesitate to have a look at our popular Photography section to find more inspiring images captured by talented photographers from around the globe.

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