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Distorted Machine Photoshop Effect Collection

Distort Machine Photoshop Effect by Pixelbuddha

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Get amazing distortion styles and many color filters to create natural distressed effects in Adobe Photoshop with this set by Pixelbuddha.

Is it known that creating distorted versions of graphics requires more expertise and artistic sense than correcting poor designs or compositions? This is because there are no before-and-after references or templates to follow. The process is driven by inspiration, design taste, and visual experience. However, Pixelbuddha has developed three “sandy” distressed effects that can create flawless distortions on text and images.

The effects are created using graphics distortion operations, without any optical illusions. Watch the preview shots to see how the lettering, logos, or icons will look with each effect. You’ll have plenty of time to choose which effect to use.

To take advantage of these amazing effects, you must have Adobe Photoshop installed. The current version can be found on the Adobe Creative Cloud website. Click the link below for a full breakdown and preview of what to expect from the PSD file!

Distort Machine Photoshop Effect by Pixelbuddha
Distort Machine Photoshop Effect by Pixelbuddha

1. Raked Sand Style

The raked sand style, inspired by Japanese landscape gardens, can bring a peaceful atmosphere to your process even though it is not an accurate representation. The sand is raked in patterns, creating areas that vary in darkness and visibility. It may appear as though a light breeze has swept them away.

2. Faint Print Style

This style celebrates the vintage halftone printing technique, which has been improved by modern technologies. You can use this technique to create timeless images and texts.

3. Sandpaper Style

Use sandpaper-style effects to grind the assets and enhance their appearance. This may make it seem as if the graphics are disappearing, but it will help you appreciate the fleeting moments of beauty. Catch and cherish it to increase the value of the artwork.

If you want a more stylish option for classic distortion grunge, you can choose from 40 included color filters to add some flair. Additionally, you can showcase intricate details on a craft paper texture background. There are 10 paper textures to choose from, so one of them should suit your artwork. If you desire an even rougher look, a noise overlay is also available. The typical colors for this style are black, white, and gray.

There are many tools available to ensure a flawless presentation of any product, idea, design, or concept.

You can find more recommended Photoshop effects and way more graphic design assets in the Templates section on WE AND THE COLOR.

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