Dean West – Cinematic & Picturesque Photography

“The Painted Photograph”, an ongoing project by Dean West of hyper-stylized, cinematic and picturesque photographs.

Dean West is an Australian photographer and visual artist who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Last year he started an ongoing project called “The Painted Photograph.” In this series, the photographer recreates different happenings, either from a variety of stories or from his personal experiences. The painstakingly staged images seem to bridge the gap between imagination and documentary photography. Embedded with certain details and signs as well as scenic portrayals, West’s hyper-stylized images are based on a 16:9 format (commonly used by today’s film industry) to convey a more cinematic touch with a good dose of Hollywood aesthetic. Read more below the first image.

Palm Springs 2 – image by Dean West.
Palm Springs 2 – work from 2015.

Dean West is truly not a photographer in the traditional sense, which is clearly reflected in his images. His cinematic and picturesque photographs seem like surreal stills of a Hollywood blockbuster. Due to the interaction between recreation of deconstruction, the photographer examines the adulterated or idealized representation of our memory. These pictures are neither documentaries, nor exact recreations of these moments. They are visualizations of memories.

For further information about this talented photographer and visual artist, please have a look at his website. His body of work includes a vivid selection of both commissioned work and personal projects.

Beverly Hills Gallery – image by Dean West.
Beverly Hills Gallery – image by Dean West.
Orient Point Ferry – photo by Dean West.
Orient Point Ferry, an image from 2016.
Palm Springs 1 – image by Dean West.
Palm Springs 1 – image by Dean West.
St Pete Beach – image by Dean West.
St Pete Beach, a surreal image recreated from memories.

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