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Costa Sunglasses – Fix Florida by Giant Ant

Costa Sunglasses – Fix Florida by Giant Ant.

Fix Florida, a beautiful animation produced by agency Giant Ant on behalf of Costa Sunglasses.

The team of agency Giant Ant recently had the pleasure to work again with Costa Sunglasses in order to tell the story of Florida’s plight. Fix Florida is a lovely illustrated and animated video. It was produced to raise awareness of Florida’s massive environmental problems. With an impressive storytelling as well as lots of well animated illustrations, Fix Florida takes us on a short time travel. The video is incredibly rich in details! All credits and some stills can be found below the video. For those of you who want to see more of agency Giant Ant’s stunning work, feel free and visit their website: www.giantant.ca

Client: Costa Sunglasses
Agency: Giant Ant
Directed by Giant Ant
Producer: Liam Hogan
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Script: Jay Grandin & Cory Philpott
Art Direction & Illustration: Eric Pautz
Character Design: Rafael Mayani, Eric Pautz
Storyboards: Eric Pautz, Rafael Mayani, Jay Grandin
Character Animation Lead: Henrique Barone
Character Animation: Henrique Barone, Max Halley
2D Animation & Compositing Lead: Conor Whelan
2D Animation & Compositing: Conor Whelan, Shawn Hight, Max Halley, Nicholas Ferreira, Sander Van Dijk
3D Animation: Nicholas Ferreira, Shawn Hight
Music & SFX: Ryland Haggis
Voice Over: Flip Pallot

The video was also featured in our Vimeo group and channel.

Costa Sunglasses – Fix Florida, video direction by Giant Ant.
Costa Sunglasses – Fix Florida, video direction by Giant Ant.
Lovely animated and illustrated.
The animation takes us on a trip through the past to show the mistakes we made.
Art Direction and Illustration by Eric Pautz.
The video is telling the story of Florida’s plight.
This great animation is so rich in detail.
The video was made to raise environmental awareness.
Character Design by Rafael Mayani and Eric Pautz.
Character Animation by Henrique Barone and Max Halley.

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