Through the lens of Italian photographer Corrado Dalcò.

Born in Parma, Italy, Corrado Dalcò is an internationally renowned photographer who’s working for the fashion, advertising, and publishing industry. He actually started his creative career as a graphic designer before he came to photography, which was love at first sight. So in 1992 he decided to leave Italy to go to cities such as Berlin, Barcelona and London, where he quickly worked for international clients. During the past years he has shot for fashion magazines and advertising campaigns such as Levi’s, Coca-Cola, Nose, Sisley Kids, just to name a few. In addition to photography, he also started to work on music videos, which helped him to explore further ideas on movement, sound, and elegance. A selection of images taken from different commercial shootings can be found below. For more, please visit Corrado Dalcò’s website.

Corrado Dalcò Photography, The Fast Show, Lookbook
The Fast Show, Lookbook
Corrado Dalcò Photography, left Xalle - Coincidences, right The Witch - Luxoise Magazine
left: Xalle – Coincidences, right: The Witch – Luxoise Magazine
Corrado Dalcò Photography, Mirage Magazine
An image from a shoot for Mirage Magazine.
Corrado Dalcò Photography, Monoty, FW1516
Monoty, FW1516
Corrado Dalcò Photography, Don’t F... Tell me What To Do
Don’t F… Tell me What To Do.
Corrado Dalcò Photography, Republic, Tenerife
Republic, Tenerife
Corrado Dalcò Photography, So Cold, Some Magazine
So Cold – editorial work shot for Some Magazine.
Corrado Dalcò Photography, West Coast, Surface Magazine
West Coast, Surface Magazine

All images © by Corrado Dalcò. Do not hesitate to find more inspiration in our Photography and Fashion categories.

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