Conceptual Imagery by Daniel Forero

Check out this colorful selection of conceptual imagery and photo montages created by Daniel Forero.

Daniel Forero is a New York City based graphic designer and art director currently working at Sagmeister & Walsh. Driven by his boundless curiosity and passion for all the things that appear at first glance as nonsense, Daniel Forero has decided to start this conceptual project of unusual photo manipulations. The experimental images are based on different emotions and contradicting feelings. It’s an ongoing project. A few examples can be found below. For more, please check out his portfolio on Behance or follow him on Instagram: @adanielforero

Don't lick.
You better not lick that.
Conceptual imagery by Daniel Forero.
Conceptual imagery developed by graphic designer and art director Daniel Forero.
Daniel Forero's project is based on emotions and contradicting feelings.
His project is based on emotions and contradicting feelings.
Conceptual experiments by Daniel Forero.
The project includes lots of conceptual experiments and photo manipulations.
Playful photo manipulations by Daniel Forero.
A playful and funny photo manipulation.
Daniel Forero – photo montages.
Clever and highly creative photo montages based on different ideas and feelings.

All images © by Daniel Forero. Feel free and discover more creative images in our extensive Photography section. The area includes a wide range of photographic work including portraits, fashion, urban, architectural, and experimental photography. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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