Poetic interpretations of cultural landscapes presented through photography by Journey Gong.

Born and raised in a small town in the northwest of China, Journey Gong decided to emigrate to the US as a young adult. The experience of the cultural differences left a great mark on his creative activities. Today he lives and works as an artist and photographer in New York City. His main objective is to present poetic interpretations of cultural landscapes through photography. The following images are from a series called ‘Conception’.

“If time travel were possible, would the heartbroken still fall in love?
If the unforeseen were visible on the horizon, would it still be overlooked?
And if the truth were inconvenient, should it still be told?”
– Journey Gong

For those who want to see more of Journey Gong’s work, please visit his website.

Journey Gong, A Place in the Sun
A Place in the Sun
Journey Gong, Before Sunrise
Before Sunrise
Journey Gong, Bright Side
Bright Side
Journey Gong, By the Sea
By the Sea
Journey Gong, Finest Hour
Finest Hour
Journey Gong, La La Land
La La Land
Journey Gong, Paris On My Mind
Paris On My Mind
Journey Gong, Peninsula
Journey Gong, Upstream

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