About light: Photographs with a strong cinematographic touch shot by Cayetano González.

Cayetano González is a photographer and cinematographer mainly working for magazines and the international fashion scene. With a great interest in art and his roots as a cinematographer, Cayetano is driven by the idea of creating atmospheres that recall the painters he always admired. He likes to work with natural light. His aim is to direct his work towards a more natural feel.

During the last two years of his Arts studies, he focused on Contemporary Art as well as Film and Photography. Thereafter, he moved to Barcelona to study a Masters in Cinematography in ESCAC (Superior School of Cinema of Catalonia). Since then he is based in Barcelona where he works as a fulltime photographer and cinematographer. Check out the selection of photographs below. For more, please visit Cayetano González’ website or follow this talented photographer on Instagram.

Cayetano González, Sabrina, Aug. 2018
Sabrina, Aug. 2018
Cayetano González, María B., Feb.2017
María B., Feb. 2017
Cayetano González, Burning Man II, 2017, Dusk to Dawn
Burning Man II, 2017, Dusk to Dawn
Cayetano González, Andrea T., June.2018
Andrea T., June 2018
Cayetano González, Not like you, Abby H
Not like you, Abby H
Cayetano González, Burning Man, 2017, Dusk to Dawn
Burning Man, 2017, Dusk to Dawn
Cayetano González, Sara C., Oct.2016
Sara C., Oct. 2016
Cayetano González, Soraya, Dec.2018
Soraya, Dec. 2018

All images © by Cayetano González. Feel free to have a look at our Photography section to discover more photographers from around the globe.

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