Art and Design by Chad Hagen

Inspiring Graphics Some designs and artworks by Chad Hagen.

Mads Berg Illustrations

Inspiring Illustrations Several retro/vintage look graphics and illustrations by Mads Berg, an artist, designer and illustrator from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Poster Illustration by Skryingbreath

Gonna Have Some Fun Nice poster design, found in Skryingbreath's Deviantart portfolio.

Eskimo Brand Identity by Pavel Emelyanov

Eskimo Brand Identity Wooden style brand design by Pavel Emelyanov for Eskimo.

World Barista Championchip – Brand Design by Theresa Decker

World Barista Championchip Graphic design by Theresa Decker. "Branding and promotional campaign for the 2012 World Barista Championships taking place in San Francisco California. Includes logo...

Nougatine – A Free Font by Fabien Laborie

Nougatine Font A font designed by graphic designer Fabien Laborie. "Nougatine is a titling font inspired by the smell of freshly baked cookies. Delivered with 380...

Typographic Print by Seb Lester

Typography Poster Design The 'Stars' print by graphic designer and illustrator Seb Lester is based on a quote by Vincent Van Gogh. Available here.

Architectural Poster Illustrations by Ian Walsh Design

Poster Design - The Real and The Fake A series of architectural poster illustrations by Ian Walsh Design of tall and impressive buildings.

BRR Identity

Identitiy Design Inspiration Well designed business cards for the BRR Identitiy. "The conceptual idea behind BRR’s design identity is ‘succinct lyricism’. The BRR logo-mark is constructed...

Illustrations by Lotta Nieminen

Standout Illustrations Several works by Lotta Nieminen, a multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland.

Zimmer typeface by Julian Hansen

Typeface Recommendation The 'Zimmer' typeface is a legible, simple sans serif font Julian Hansen. "It is in the mould of classical neo-grotesque typefaces but relatively narrow...

Make Something Cool Every Day by Herman Lee

Make Something Cool Every Day. Selected graphics from a self initiated design project by Herman Lee for his personal motivation to create "something cool" daily....