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CARAVANA Bed & Breakfast Branding by Panel Studio

CARAVANA Bed & Breakfast branding by Panel Studio

Art direction, graphic design, and branding by Panel Studio for CARAVANA Bed & Breakfast.

Panel Studio, a Mexican design firm was commissioned to create a fresh and modern brand experience for CARAVANA Bed & Breakfast, a new boutique hotel located in the heart of Guatemala City. Inspired by wooden toy figures, Panel Studios’s design team has created a geometric and colorful pattern system, which can be arranged in countless combinations. These varying shapes have been used throughout the entire brand identity including signage, stationery, and interiors. Below you can find several images of CARAVANA’s colorful brand identity. For more of Panel Studio’s creative work, please visit their website.

CARAVANA Bed & Breakfast branding by Panel Studio
The entire brand identity is based on a varying pattern of colored graphics.
CARAVANA, a friendly and modern bed & breakfast.
The printed collateral.
The pattern system has been used to create a variety of artworks.
Two-sided business cards.
Even numbers have been created using these simple graphics.
A welcoming card on the table invites guests for brunch.
Simple and clean print design.
The stationery system including business cards and letterheads.
Panel Studio’s creative team has produced a range of illustrated cards.

All images © by Panel Studio. Have a look at our Graphic Design and Branding categories to find other inspiring projects.



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