BRR Identity

Identitiy Design Inspiration

Well designed business cards for the BRR Identitiy.

BRR Identitiy - Business Cards
BRR Identitiy – Business Cards

“The conceptual idea behind BRR’s design identity is ‘succinct lyricism’. The BRR logo-mark is constructed from the modernist abstraction of letter forms, solely employing elemental geometric forms. The overlays and semitransparent interaction between the three letter forms alludes to our philosophy of integration and collaboration. Our bespoke typeface forms the foundation of the BRR identity system, it is further used to promote and highlight the fact that people are at the heart of the company, with keep member of the team given their own unique monogram.
Like many of the brands BRR creates, the new identity needed to create intrigue and connect with its audience. For our business cards we employed a subtle use of colour to highlight each members first initial and first name, the same colour is delicately picked up on the edges, adding a touch of contrast against a restrained monotone brand mark and building on it’s simple and modernist aesthetic.”



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