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BlueBeat Branding by Min Hui Hu

BlueBeat Branding by Min Hui Hu

Let’s explore how Min Hui Hu designed a minimalist brand identity for BlueBeat.

BlueBeat is a chain of drum training centers that offers advanced teaching materials and methods. It aims to help students master drum playing skills in a short period of time, regardless of their age or level. To create a distinctive and memorable brand identity for BlueBeat, Min Hui Hu, a graphic designer based in Shanghai, China, decided to use simple graphics and typography as the main elements of the design.

Min Hui Hu explained that the brand should convey the essence of drumming, which is rhythm, movement, and sound, through the visual language of the brand. The designer chose a blue color palette to represent the name and the concept of the brand, as well as to create a sense of calmness and professionalism. Min Hui Hu also used geometric shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles, to symbolize the different parts of the drum kit, such as the cymbals, the snare, and the bass drum. The designer arranged these shapes in various compositions and patterns to create dynamic and rhythmic logos and icons for the brand.

BlueBeat Branding by Min Hui Hu
BlueBeat Branding by Min Hui Hu

For the typography, Min Hui Hu opted for a sans-serif font that is modern and clean, but also has some subtle curves and angles that echo the shapes of the graphics. Different weights and sizes of the font have been used to create contrast and hierarchy in the text. The designer also applied some effects, such as gradients, outlines, and shadows, to add some depth and dimension to the typography.

To complete the brand identity, Min Hui Hu designed a series of packaging materials for the drum training centers, such as bags, boxes, stickers, and labels. The designer also used white space and minimal text to keep the packaging design simple and elegant.

Min Hui Hu’s brand design for BlueBeat is a great example of how minimalist design can be effective and expressive. By using basic shapes and colors, a coherent and consistent brand identity was created that reflects the core values and vision of the drum training centers. Min Hui Hu also demonstrated how minimalist design can be versatile and adaptable.

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