Grå (gray) – masterfully composed black and white fine art photography by Kim Høltermand.

Born in 1977, Kim Høltermand is a freelance architectural and landscape photographer who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Already in 2012, we have featured a couple of outstanding landscape photographs he has shot during a trip to Iceland in 2011. Since then much time has passed and Kim Høltermand has added lots of amazing photography projects to his impressive portfolio. One of them I want to show you today. Grå (gray) is a masterfully composed series of black and white photographs. Created by the natural interaction of light and shadow, the series features beautiful compositions of bright and dark areas as well as the fascinating variety of simple gradations and all the different shades found between black and white. Just have a look at the images below. For more of Kim Høltermand’s photographic work, please visit his website or follow him on Behance and Instagram.

Kim Høltermand Photography, Light and dark and something in between
Light and dark and something in between.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Gray patterns.
Walking through gray patterns.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Dark shades in an architectural construction.
Dark shades found in an architectural construction.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Going for a walk on a windy day.
Going for a walk on a windy day.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Countless shades of grey.
Countless shades of grey.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Light and dark
Light and dark in contrast.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Matching lines
Matching lines and inverted colors.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Minimalist architectural photography
Modern and minimalist architectural photography.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Watching the clouds
Watching the clouds go by.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Minimalist photography
Minimalist photography in urban surroundings.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Skate pool
A skate pool creates the perfect scenes to capture some beautiful shades of grey.
Kim Høltermand Photography, the fur and the mane of a horse
The fur and the mane of a horse.
Kim Høltermand Photography, Watching out the window
Watching out the window through the transparent, white curtain.

All images © by Kim Høltermand. Feel free to find more talented photographers on WE AND THE COLOR.


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