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Discover a beauty retouching plugin for Adobe Photoshop that is so fast and easy to use!

This amazing Photoshop plugin makes it so easy for you to create the illusion of beautiful, absolutely flawless skin. Highly rated by countless users, it’s a very popular solution to speed up and enhance your retouching workflow. It comes with lots of individual features for spot repair, overall matting effects, and much more. The current version is working on Photoshop CS6/CC/CC2014/CC2015/2015.5/2017. It includes the following features: Mattifier Powder, Freckle and Stain Reducer, Skin Softener, Ultra Smooth Skin, Brighten Eyes, Highlight Powder, Sharpens, Skin Brighter, Lip Enhancer, Blusher, Mascara, Eyeshadow, Redness Reducer, Color Contrast, Detail Enhancer, Perfect Skin, Carrot Oil, and Pore Tightening. You see, it contains everything you need to produce beautiful portraits in Photoshop. A user manual helps you to get started.

Please note, this product requires Adobe Photoshop. You can get the latest version from the Adobe Creative Cloud website, just check it out here. If you want to get this amazing tool, feel free to follow the link below.

You can download the add-on for low budget on Creative Market.

Beauty Retouching Kit v3.0 for Adobe Photoshop
Beauty Retouching Kit v3.0 for Adobe Photoshop.
Before and after
Before and after.
Simple and easy to use
Simple and easy to use.
The illusion of perfect skin in minutes
Create the illusion of perfect skin in minutes.
The plugin is highly rated on Adobe Exchange
The plugin is highly rated on Adobe Exchange.

This plugin is available on Creative Market.


  1. Very helpful for people. This beauty retouching may not always do the work but it does most of the work all by itself. Much appreciated.


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