Dreamy beauty and fashion portraits captured by Australian freelance cinematographer and photographer, Alexander Tull.

Raised in Perth, Australia, Alexander Tull is a freelance cinematographer and photographer who now lives and works in Sydney. After completing an advanced diploma of Cinematography at the International Film School in Sydney, he started his professional career working for a variety of projects and clients. In addition to his cinematographic work, Alex enjoys shooting fashion based film photographs. His images often convey a dreamy and natural look and feel. Some examples from different shoots can be found below. For more, please have a look at Alexander Tull’s website or follow him on Instagram.

Alexander Tull, Portrait of actress Savannah Morrow
A close portrait of Australia/American actress Savannah Morrow.
Alexander Tull, Nightly shot in the water with Logan
A picture from a nightly shoot in the water with Logan.
Alexander Tull, Feels like an endless summer.
It feels like an endless summer.
Alexander Tull, Relaxed shoot at the pool
Another image of Savannah Morrow from a relaxed shoot at the pool.
Alexander Tull, Shoot with Amie Newson
An image from a shoot with Amie Newson.

All images © by Australian freelance cinematographer and photographer, Alexander Tull. Feel free to find more beautiful images in our popular Photography and Fashion categories. Both sections include a handpicked selection of most inspiring work. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!



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