Bangkok, Talat Noi – Fine Art Photography

The BKK series by Riccardo Magherini, a collection of multi-layered fine art photography of Bangkok’s Talat Noi district.

Riccardo Magherini suggested me to check out his latest fine art photography project “BKK series”, shot in Bangkok, Thailand during last winter. Most of the images have been taken in Talat Noi, one of the most ancient parts of Bangkok’s Chinatown district. This unadulterated district is full of workshops, food stalls, old rusty vehicles, noise, smoke, and last but not least friendly people. Using overlapping image layers, the photographer documents the people’s life in an artistic way. A small selection of the series can be found below. For more, please visit Riccardo Magherini’s website.

Tha Kha – Bangkok photography by Riccardo Magherini.
Tha Kha – Bangkok fine art and documentary photography by Riccardo Magherini.

A little more about the photographer.

Riccardo Magherini is a professional photographer who lives in Florence, Italy. Since 2009, he has won several international awards including Prix de la Photographie Paris, London International Creative Competition, International Aperture Awards, Premio Fotografia Creativa, and the Epson International Pano Awards. Furthermore, his body of work has been exhibited in diverse international exhibitions. In addition to his self-initiated fine art projects, Riccardo Magherini is working for clients such as Castelli Haworth, Ducati Holding, Duralamp, Rocco Forte Hotels, Intermare, MaxMeyer, My Hotel, NH Hotels, Pershing, Riva Yachts, Sermoneta, Santoni, Targetti Sankey, Thomas Pheasant Interiors, Wally, and many others. You can see more of his BKK series below.

BKK series by Riccardo Magherini.
The BKK series documents the people’s life in this ancient part of Bangkok’s Chinatown district.
Itsara Nuphap – photos of Bangkok by Riccardo Magherini.
Itsara Nuphap is working hard for her daily income.
Pak Khlong – Riccardo Magherini.
Pak Khlong – Photo by Riccardo Magherini.
Sin Palow – Bangkok fine art photography by Riccardo Magherini.
Sin Palow – Bangkok fine art photography documenting the bustling life on the streets.
Talat Noi – Riccardo Magherini.
Talat Noi – Image taken by Riccardo Magherini.
Wongwian Yai – Riccardo Magherini.
Wongwian Yai – Riccardo Magherini.

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