A rather crazy deck of playing cards designed by studio TRÜF in collaboration with Art of Play.

In 2019, studio TRÜF collaborated with Art of Play to create a unique, kind of strange deck of playing cards. The cards feature a completely custom design, which can be described as minimal, modern, graphic, quirky, stylized, grotesque, delightful, and just plain weird. Each card has its own presence and personality. The cards can be considered as fine pieces of art that can stand on their own. Each card has patterns of suits within suits for endless fun. The playing cards come packaged in a premium letterpress-printed tuck box both inside and out. The boxes are printed by the U.S. Playing Card Co. on Art of Play’s trademark thin stock preferred by cardists. They are available for purchase on messymod.com

To learn more, just have a look below or visit the website of studio TRÜF or follow them on Behance.

Images courtesy of Art of Play (cover image by Pablo Frey). Feel free to discover other creative work in our Graphic Design and Illustration categories.

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