Pure and dreamy analog photography by Annelie Vandendael.

Born in Belgium in 1987, Annelie Vandendael grew up in the south of France. After graduating from college she moved back to Belgium where she studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Kask) in Ghent to get her master degree in Photography. In contrast to the current trend of unnatural perfection found in heavily manipulated and photoshopped images, Annelie Vandendael wants to represent real people, with their very own personality, beauty and imperfection. Using her Hasselblad analog camera, her aim is to depict the human being as a natural part of the respective surroundings.

Annelie Vandendael is the winner of the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2016. Below you can find a selection of her personal images. For more, please visit her website.

Annelie Vandendael Photography
Nostalgic and dreamy photography by Annelie Vandendael.
Annelie Vandendael Photography
Just before diving in.
Annelie Vandendael Photography
Conceptual but yet natural imagery.
Annelie Vandendael Photography
Simply orange and green.
Annelie Vandendael Photography
Her images convey a touch of vintage.
Annelie Vandendael Photography
The photographer generally uses a Hasselblad analog camera to make the pictures appear more realistic.

All images © by Annelie Vandendael. via: www.annelievandendael.com and lensculture.com

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