Selected images from a series of slightly different animal photography captured by Benoit Paillé.

Some of you may remember our article about Benoit Paillé’s photo series ‘The kitsch destruction of our world’. Living in his camper since 2013, the self taught photographer and master in the art of living is traveling the the roads of Canada down to South America. Wherever he may be, Benoit Paillé usually has his camera on hand. The pictures document his journeys with all the different places, landscapes, people, and animals.

With this new article, I want to show you Benoit Paillé’s unconventional and slightly different approach to animal photography. Ranging from sad to hilarious snapshots, the selected images have been taken during the past years at diverse locations. For those who want to see more of his unique animal photography, please visit his website or follow him on Instagram and Tumblr.

"Willson the Cat after the dog attack", Jasper, Alberta, Canada, 2015.
“Willson the Cat after the dog attack”, Jasper, Alberta, Canada, 2015.
"Bacon and eggs", Guatemala, 2016.
“Bacon and eggs”, Guatemala, 2016.
"Cat during a Levitation telekinesis and free hug", Saskatchewan, Canada, 2014.
“Cat during a Levitation telekinesis and free hug”, Saskatchewan, Canada, 2014.
"Highway sidewalk", Colombia icefield, Alberta, Canada.
“Highway sidewalk”, Colombia icefield, Alberta, Canada.
"A vulture breathes the fresh morning air", Chiapas, Mexico, 2016.
“A vulture breathes the fresh morning air”, Chiapas, Mexico, 2016.
"Catyaking", Tofino, BC, Canada, 2014.
“Catyaking”, Tofino, BC, Canada, 2014.

All images © by Benoit Paillé. Feel free to discover more inspiring pictures in our Photography section. We feature a vivid range of different photographic work including portrait, landscape, urban, travel, and animal photography.


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