Home Design Amazing Poster Designs by Berkay Taş

Amazing Poster Designs by Berkay Taş

Poster designs by Berkay Taş

Graphic designer Berkay Taş just released a new selection of stunning poster designs that have been created within two months.

For many creatives, the months of total lockdown were very difficult to bear, but some of them made the best of it. Turkish graphic designer Berkay Taş used the time of social distancing to challenge his own creative skills by designing diverse posters in different styles.

Below you can find a few examples of his second package of posters. For more, feel free to check out his portfolio or follow this talented guy on Instagram.

Poster design by Berkay Taş.

All images © by Berkay Taş. If you like those inspiring content, we recommend you to browse through our popular Graphic Design category to find more stunning work realized by outstanding creatives from around the globe.

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