Latinotype’s Águila font family is based on a display typeface that combines straight lines, curves, triangular shapes, and Didone characteristics.

Designed by Sofia Mohr in 2020 for foundry Latinotype, Águila is a new display font family that comes with nine weights ranging from thin to heavy. The semi-serif typeface combines straight lines with elegant curves and triangular shapes as well as distinctive Didone characteristics. You can use the Águila font family for editorial design, packaging, branding, broadcasting purposes, and for everything that requires a clean and modern aesthetic.

The typeface comprises over 400 characters that support more than 200 Latin-based languages. For further information, just click on one of the following links.

You can download the Águila font family (70% off) at:

Águila font family from Latinotype.
Águila font family from Latinotype.

You can download the Águila font family (70% off) at:

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