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Check out our selection of the five best Lightroom presets to create eye-catching images in 2021.

Without any doubt, Adobe Lightroom is the number one software when it comes to processing and editing digital photographs. Next to popular programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, Lightroom is part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud family. So with a subscription for tools like Photoshop or InDesign, you also have access to Lightroom. In addition to the numerous features of this popular photo editing software, Adobe Lightroom makes it quite easy (especially for newbies) to work with a wide range of presets. Once installed, Lightroom presets can be used to apply amazing effects to plenty of images instantly and super fast.

The internet is full of Lightroom presets—some are really good but others not so much. That’s why finding the best presets can become a difficult task. To make it easy for you, we have created a selection of the top five Lightroom presets that help you to create eye-catching images in the style of travel, fashion, landscape, portrait, or analog film photography in 2021.

5. Minimal Blogger Lightroom Presets

Minimal blogger Lightroom Presets
These minimal blogger Lightroom presets are available here.

Equipped with DNG, XMP & LRtemplate files, this set of seven easy-to-use presets can be used for both Lightroom mobile and desktop. for minimal style/ low saturation looks. With only one click, this set can help you to achieve better imagery for your blog or social media channel. It’s a great choice, especially for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers. Based on bright highlights, dark shadows, as well as detailed grays and browns along with low saturation blues, reds, and yellows, the color scheme offers a delicate minimalist style.

4. Traveller Lightroom Presets

Traveller Lightroom Presets
The Traveller Lightroom presets are available here.

This set is the right choice for those who want to add some extra color to their landscape and travel images. With brown, orange, and gold colors, these Lightroom presets convey a warm, welcoming feeling. Using this set, you will be able to achieve consistency while adding a cohesive look to all of your images while streamlining your editing.

3. Film Lightroom Presets Bundle

Film Lightroom Presets Bundle
The film Lightroom presets bundle is available for purchase here.

These simple analog film styles come with desktop and mobile options. The set will help you to make colors more specific and deeper while adding a special filmy analog mood to your shots. This collection has been tested on real-life photos and different devices. Just click on the following link to learn more.

2. Landscape Pro Add-ons

Landscape Pro Lightroom Presets
This professional landscape Lightroom add-ons are available here.

This collection has been created to improve your workflow for processing and editing landscape images while adding a nice film look of beautiful colors and rich shadows to every single shot. The pack includes deep tones, desaturated, matte style, clean colors, and a stylish film fade look. All presets have been tested in a wide range of images.

1. Natural LR Effects

Natural Lightroom Presets
These natural Lightroom presets are available for purchase with different licensing options here.

In 1st place, you can find a collection consisting of 20 premium Lightroom presets. These add-ons are particularly well-suited for portraits but you can also use them for landscapes or images of urban environments. Using this collection, you can add a natural color scheme to your shots.

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