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25 Best-Selling Creative Fonts – 98% Off

The Creative Font Bundle

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Get this set of 25 best-selling fonts from Pixelo!

Available for only 14 days, this new bundle from Pixelo is equipped with 25 popular typefaces. For only $29 (98% off), you can expand your font library with a varied range of styles including sans serif, hand-drawn, display, and script fonts. The selected typefaces can be used for plenty of typographic work such as t-shirt design, branding, packaging, posters, and so much more. Some are equipped with a set of family members, while others come up with lots of alternate characters and different styles. The entire bundle is actually worth $1908 on the regular price, but only for a very limited time, you can grab them all for just $29!

The following fonts are included: Quentine by Alexcouture, Americus Script & Sans by Andrey Sharonov, Bjola Sans Serif by Andrey Sharonov, Adelina Script + Flower set Bonus by Andrey Sharonov, Kitten Full Family by Zetafonts, Moonstone Brush Font by VladCristea, You Rock Handwritten Font by VladCristea, Saffron Handwritten Font by VladCristea, TT Teds by TypeType, TT Russo Sans by TypeType, Hello Spring Font by Denise Chandler, Highflier Font by Denise Chandler, Aquabella Font Duo by Denise Chandler, Author Style by Ojes Studio, Marline by Ojes Studio, Veloce by Ojes Studio, Malibu (handwritten font plus extras) by Jen Wagner Co, Charleston font duo plus bonus florals by Jen Wagner Co, Tokyo designer font duo by Jen Wagner Co, Rose of Baltimore by StereoType, Mustardo by StereoType, Gloss & Bloom by StereoType, Tryal by Genilson Santos, Petralina by Genilson Santos, and Love Moon by Genilson Santos. To get a closer look, just click on the following link.

You can get all the typefaces in one big bundle on Pixelo (only for a limited time).

Overview of all included fonts.
Overview of all included fonts.

Feel free to download the set (98% off) on Pixelo.

You can find much more professional fonts on WE AND THE COLOR.



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