This is the ultimate selection of the top twenty graphic design blogs for your daily dose of creative inspiration in 2021.

As in previous years, we would like to show you our selection of the best graphic design blogs for the year 2021. We have increased the selection again to introduce you to the 20 very best graphic design blogs for creative inspiration in 2021.

It’s no secret that even the best graphic designers look for inspiration, and well-curated blogs can deliver exactly what they need. The following list of the top twenty graphic design blogs will help you to stay up to date with the latest design trends. Most of these blogs are run by graphic designers and editors from the creative industry who know exactly what they are writing about. The selection for 2021 is once again about quality instead of quantity or the level of awareness a website has.


Well, this is actually outside the ranking, but we would like to start this list by introducing you to our own publication. For those of you who are new to our website, WE AND THE COLOR is an award-winning online magazine featuring the very best from various creative fields ranging from design to modern art and photography. Founded in 2010, our aim is to showcase outstanding work to provide you with a daily dose of creative inspiration.

19. Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid has been launched in February 2011 as a graphic design blog celebrating outstanding talent from all over the world. They offer daily features including topics such as design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion, and more.

18. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a well known online publication with millions of monthly page visits. They mostly specialize in tutorials, product reviews, buying guides, latest news, and some design inspiration. Creative Bloq shares a broad range of informative content for web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, or 3D and VFX artists.

17. Smashing Magazine

Founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz in 2006, Smashing Magazine offers quality content for the design community. With a particular focus on web design, they feature many topics ranging from graphics to coding.

16. Mindsparkle Mag

Mindsparkle Mag is a graphic design blog and source of creative inspiration for like-minded people and creatives from all over the world. They mostly showcase outstanding projects from the fields of graphic design, branding, web design, and motion graphics. In addition, they provide you with information on the latest job offerings from the creative industry.

15. Design Week

Design Week has been founded in 1986 originally as a printed publication from the UK. In 2011, it became an online publication featuring well-written design news with a main focus on graphics, product design, and branding projects.

14. Visual Journal

Curated by Alessandro Scarpellini, Visual Journal is a blog from Italy. The page features images of graphic design, branding, and visual communication projects from all over the world.

13. Typeroom

This is the perfect site for the typography geeks among you. Typeroom is showcasing trending typography and masterful font designs. Furthermore, they talk to type designers and explain specific typographic designs.

12. Abduzeedo

As I explained last year in our feature of the 15 best graphic design blogs for 2020, Abduzeedo is one of the first graphic design blogs I knew and a daily source of inspiration, when I worked as a freelance graphic designer. The blog was founded in 2006 by Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso. Today it’s a collective of several editors who share inspiring articles about all forms of design, illustration, and photography.

11. Creative Review

Unfortunately, most of their content is only available with a paid membership. Creative Review has started in 1980 as a print magazine. Today it’s an online platform with multiple channels. For their subscribers, they offer high-quality news and reviews.

10. Visuelle

Curated by David Bennett, Visuelle is an online showcase for outstanding projects from international freelance graphic designers and leading branding studios. The featured work includes modern typography and minimalist graphic design solutions.

9. Dieline

Founded in 2007 by Andrew Gibbs, Dieline is one of the most popular pages for packaging design. They share innovative design solutions and outstanding creativity through original editorials and submitted projects.

8. ID Identity Design

It’s no surprise but here it’s all about branding and identity design. They show inspiring case studies from hundreds of talented graphic designers and creative studios. You should add this blog to your bookmarks for eye-catching content.

7. It’s Nice That

It’s Nice That is a renowned online publication founded in 2007. Their content is characterized by a well-curated mix of illustration and graphic design projects along with information on forthcoming events. In addition, they produce a printed publication called Printed Pages.

6. Adobe Creative Cloud Blog

All professional graphic designers know the Adobe Creative Cloud—it’s where one can get all the magic tools to create amazing designs but the platform also has a discovery section that features plenty of inspiring content as well as usage instructions, training videos, live streams, and free resources.

5. BP&O

BP&O means branding, packaging, and opinion, which describes the basic topics of the blog quite well. The website was founded by Richard Baird, a British graphic designer and writer. Based on his own taste and expertise, this graphic design blog is a well-curated source of highly inspiring projects.

4. Made By Folk

Run by Daniel Freytag and Glenn Garriock, Made by Folk is a place where we can learn more about the world’s best creative talents and their unique stories.

3. SwissMiss

SwissMiss is one of the most authentic and honest graphic design blogs out there. Founded in 2005 by Swiss graphic designer Tina Roth Eisenberg, this visual archive is not about clickbait, no surreptitious advertising, and no content production just for Google and other search engines. SwissMiss only offers high-quality content from creative professionals for creative professionals.

2. Adobe 99U

99U is a creative career resource from Adobe. It’s also an annual conference that helps creatives of all kinds accelerate their work, connect, and implement their ideas. The online publication features various stories behind the careers of leading creatives. In addition, they publish useful guides and tips on everything from entrepreneurship to achieving a successful work-life balance.

1. AIGA Eye on Design

Eye on Design is a digital publication by AIGA, the professional association for design. No matter what you want to see (print, web, branding, packaging, or illustration), AIGA Eye on Design is the perfect website to discover the latest trends and visual candy created by professional designers from all over the world.

That was our comprehensive list of the twenty best graphic design blogs that help you to stay motivated and inspired in 2021. Platforms such as Behance and Dribbble as well as social media channels such as Instagram or Pinterest are also great sources for creative inspiration. If you have any comments or if you think we missed something, just send us a note.


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