Life, love and the beauty of youth through the lens of Martina Matencio.

Martina Matencio is a young Barcelona based photography and co-founder of Luna de Marte (, an online shop offering custom and second-hand clothing as well as accessories and jewelry. Whether commissioned, personal or shootings for her own online shop “Luna de Marte”, Martina rather shoots with natural sunlight instead of using a flashlight to produce images that have this unadulterated look with a mysterious touch. She loves to take pictures of people in nostalgic, thoughtful moments. This way, each image has its own unique aura. A couple of her photographs can be seen below. For more, please visit her Tumblr page or follow Martina Matencio on Instagram to stay up to date with her latest work.

Black and white photography.
Beautiful black and white photography.
Photograph for le t-shirt FANTASTIQUE.
A photograph shot for le t-shirt FANTASTIQUE.
Natural, unspoiled photographs.
Natural, unspoiled photographs that show personal moments.
Detail shot.
A natural detail shot without any photo editing.
Luna de Marte.
An image taken for the online shop Luna de Marte.
Intimate and sensual photography by Martina Matencio.
Intimate and sensual photography captured by Martina Matencio.
Sensual and nostalgic photographs by Martina Matencio.
Sensual and nostalgic photographs by Martina Matencio.

All images © by Barcelona based photographer Martina Matencio. Feel free to find more inspiring images in our Photography and Fashion categories. Whether latest trends or exceptional photographic projects, both sections are equipped with a handpicked selection of most inspiring work from all over the world. WE AND THE COLOR is your source for the daily dose of creative inspiration!


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