Utopick Chocolates Branding by Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Graphic design, brand development, and packaging design by Lavernia & Cienfuegos for Utopick Chocolates. Paco Llopis is a master chocolatier who's constantly searching for new...

Beige – Hygiene Products – Branding by Josep Puy

Beige - Hygiene Products - Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design. Josep Puy is a Barcelona, Spain based graphic designer specializing in art direction, branding, editorial...

Granny’s Secret – Package Design by Peter Gregson

Nice Packaging for Granny’s Secret Lovely designed packaging by Peter Gregson. source: lovelypackage.com

Krasnogorie – Unique Sausages & Meat Packaging

Krasnogorie – Handmade sausages and meat packaging design created by Science Agency for Russian meat processing plant, Chelyabinsk. Krasnogorie (Красногорье: Red Mountains) is a delicate series of sausages and...

Teastories Branding and Packaging Design by Anagrama

Brand development and packaging design by Anagrama for Teastories. The renowned Mexican graphic design studio Anagrama was commissioned to develop a suitable brand identity including...

Spirit of Texas – Package Design by Ampersand

Spirit of Texas Standout packaging design by Ampersand for Spirit of Texas Distillery. source: thedieline.com

Fazer Café – Graphic Design and Typography by Kokoro & Moi

Graphic Design and Typography for Finnish Fazer Café. Helsinki, Finland based full-service creative agency Kokoro & Moi completed this beautiful graphic design and typography project...

Saucy Sam’s – Branding and Packaging by Alex Register Design

Saucy Sam's - Identity. Brand design, collateral and package design by Alex Register for a liquor store. The printed collateral consists of promotional posters, business...

DUO Product Design by OWL

DUO - Pre & Post Shaving Balms Brand and product design by London-based design studio OWL. source: thedieline.com

Black Jack Whisky – Nice Package Design by Tridimage

Inspiring Package Design. Brand and package design for Black Jack Scotch Whisky by Buenos Aires based package design agency Tridimage. via thedieline.com

Pump – Energy Drink Design Concept by Character Agency

Pump - Package Design. A well designed brand and packaging design concept by Russian-based Character Agency for an energy drink called "Pump". via lovelypackage

ZADOR – Soap Branding and Packaging Design

An exquisite soap branding and packaging design for ZADOR. Hungarian graphic designer Eszter Laki was entrusted with the work on an exquisite branding and packaging...