Identity and Poster Design by We are all in this together

Typographic Identity, Poster and Flyer Design. For the 2012 'Sounds Nordic Sounds Good' music festival in Zürich, the multidisciplinary design studio 'We are all in...

Mulberry Identity by Construct

Identity Design. Lovely designed identity by Construct for Mulberry. "Construct continue to work extensively for British design company Mulberry. Over the last 12 months, Construct has...

Branding ZEBRA7 by Bosquet Pascal

Modern Corporate Design. Bosquet Pascal created this beautiful identity and stationery for ZEBRA7. A very clean looking logo and brand design, made of simple lines.

Graphic Design by Jack Crossing

Creative Design. Graphic design and digital artworks by Jack Crossing, a designer from London.

Pigmentpol Identity

Fresh, Modern, Colorful Identity Design. A new identity design for the German digital printing company Pigmentpol, designed by the Dresden-based ATMO design studio and the...

Creative Coffee Chart Illustrations by Twistedfork

Hello Coffee Lover Illustration by Twistedfork aka Dan Matutina. "When I get a creative block (or when I'm just bored) I usually do things like this...

Impressive Graphic Design by Michael Paukner

Graphic Design Inspiration Michael Paukner is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Vienna, Austria. In his portfolio you can find such a broad...

Poster Design by Drew Rios

Poster Design Inspiration Digital artworks and poster design by Drew Rios, a designer specialized in print design, motion design, branding and interactive design.

Graphic Design by Metric72

Stunning Graphic Design Inspirations Several design works by Metric72. I like the clean, graphic look and the well-balanced use of space in these poster designs.

Sonic – Corporate Identity by Jimmi Tuan

Colorful Corporate Identity Brand design for Sonic by Jimmi Tuan, a graphic designer from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. "Sonic is a print production company that...

The Submarines – Tour/Gig Poster by Aesthetic Apparatus

Gig Poster Design Aesthetic Apparatus created this amazing illustrated tour poster for The Submarines.

Graphics and Digital Art by Dimo Trifonov

Graphic Art Inspiration The digital artist and graphic designer Dimo Trifonov, creates stunning contemporary mixed media artworks and minimalistic graphics.