Surreal Character-Objects by Kevin Roosevelt Kao

Surreal Sculptures by Kevin Roosevelt Kao

Sculptural Art. Surreal character-objects by artist and designer Kevin Roosevelt Kao. If the artist starts a new project he often starts by asking specific questions:...
Figurative Sculptures by Unmask

Figurative Sculptures by Unmask

Sculptural Art. Selected figurative sculptures that seem to dissolve created by artist collective Unmask from Beijing, China. Beautiful surreal artworks made from stainless steel with smooth...
skull roots artwork

Skull Roots – Artwork by FAMOUS WHEN DEAD

Skull Roots Designed by artist FAMOUS WHEN DEAD. Available as fine art print here.
Acrylic Painting by Cristina Troufa

Acrylic Paintings by Cristina Troufa

Expressive Paintings. Cristina Troufa is an artist from Portugal. Her acrylic paintings are narratives about her own life, her thoughts and beliefs. A particular aspect in...
Formal reduction by Italian artist Gemis Luciani

Italian Artist Gemis Luciani

Formal reduction by Italian artist Gemis Luciani. Gemis Luciani recently suggested me to review his portfolio and I really like what I could see on...
Semblance 16 - Art Print by Von - Detail

Semblance 16 – Art Print by Von

Semblance 16. This is a new special edition art print by Von. The illustration and complete processing of the print is particularly well crafted. The artwork...
Hail Bop - Artwork by Roberto Grosso

Hail Bop – Artwork by Roberto Grosso

Hail Bop. This new artwork by Roberto Grosso is inspired by the song of Django Django. The image is also featured in the WE AND...