Painting by Simon Birch

Paintings by Simon Birch

Inspiring Oil Paintings. Selected paintings by artist Simon Birch, a UK-born artist, of Armenian descent, who is based in Hong Kong, China.
This ceramic sculpture is part of May Von Krogh's installation Angels trumpet and the milky moon violin.

May Von Krogh Artist and Sculptor

Selected pieces of sculptures and installations by Norwegian artist May Von Krogh. May Von Krogh was born in 1977. The Norwegian artist and sculptor lives...
Creative Truths by Pixelutely

Creative Truths – Poster Design by Pixelutely

Creative Truths. A series of posters by Pixelutely with quotes from famous artists, poets and scientists about creativity and art.
Artworks and Graphics by Humankind

Art and Design by Lee Basford

Creative Inspiration in Art and Design. Lee Basford aka 'Humankind' is a true multi-talent. He is working as graphic designer, artist, illustrator and photographer. This...
Liminal XVI – heads in the clouds.

Yang Cao Art – Liminal Paintings

Selected paintings from the 'Liminal' series by artist Yang Cao. Yang Cao is a talented artist that I recently discovered. He lives and works in...
Studio Kxx Poster Series - Inspired by the Song: The Voice of Energy/die Stimme der Energie by Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk Inspired Poster Series by Studio Kxx

Voice of Energy. Studio Kxx/Krzysztof Domardzki created this experimental typographic poster series. It' inspired by the song 'Voice of Energy / Die Stimme der Energie'...
Graphic Art of 2012 by Marius Roosendaal

Graphic Artworks from 2012 by Marius Roosendaal

Graphic Fine Art. Selected graphics and art prints from June/July 2012 by Amersfoort, Netherlands-based designer Marius Roosendaal. I know and love Marius' work for a long time...
Performance II - Painting by Dan Voinea

Paintings by Dan Voinea

The Art of Dan Voinea. Dan Voinea is a Bucharest, Romania based artist. His artworks depict stereotypical people of everyday life in the realm of...
Federico Bebber – Digital Art

Federico Bebber – Digital Art

Surreal and otherworldly portraits created by Italian digital artist Federico Bebber. Born in 1974 in Udine, Italy, Federico Bebber is a digital artist who uses...
Spirals - Experiments in color, rhythm, and repetition.

Spirals – Experiments in Color, Rhythm, and Repetition

Spirals, a digital art series by Ari Weinkle of experiments in color, rhythm, and repetition. Ari Weinkle is a Boston based artist and designer. His...
Sports and Surreal Shadows by Kelvin Murray - Tennis

Surreal Photo Manipulations by Kelvin Murray

Sports and Surreal Shadows. A set of digital edited images by Kelvin Murray, a photographer from London-UK. Kelvin Murray shot different sports equipments. He added...
Farewell, a photo collage from 2015 by digital artist Felipe Posada.

Felipe Posada – Mixed Media Photo Collages

A selection of vintage inspired mixed media photo collages by Felipe Posada. Felipe Posada is a Brooklyn, NYC based mixed media artist. He describes his...