The entire sculpture uses 186 tons of steel.

Labyrinth by Belgian Studio Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

A massive steel labyrinth by Belgian studio Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Wonderful things can occur when architecture meets art. Belgian studio Gijs Van Vaerenbergh has created...
Colorful illustrative tattoo.

Kim Michey Tattoos

A selection of outstanding tattoos created by Kim Michey. Kim Michey's tattoos are so wonderfully different from what we've seen so far. Her artworks are completely unique...
Charcoal Drawing by Kelly Blevins

Charcoal Drawings by Kelly Blevins

Artistic Charcoal Drawings. Kelly Blevins is a Pittsburgh-based artist who combines social stigmas of nudity, politics and philosophies. She creates large scaled drawings, mostly done...

Geoff McFetridge – Poem for the Literates

Artist and designer Geoff McFetridge at Volta13 Basel. For their booth at Volta13 Basel in Switzerland, V1 Gallery presents a brand new series of artworks...
Pray for Rain, a digital composition printed on photographic fine art paper in the size of 100 x 80 cm.

Stefano Bonazzi’s Surreal Digital Art

A fine selection of surreal digital artworks and photo manipulations by Italian artist Stefano Bonazzi. Stefano Bonazzi was born in Ferrara, Italy, where he is...
Art Sculpture of Geometric Human Body Shapes by Antony Gormley

Sculptural Art by Antony Gormley

Amazing Sculptural Art. The artist Antony Gormley combined the shape of the human body with different geometric shapes. source:
Interview with painter Andrey Klassen

Artist Interview with painter Andrey Klassen

Paintings and Drawings by artist Andrey Klassen. Today we are proud to have a special interview with Andrey Klassen, a painter from Irkutsk, Russia. Since...
Surreal Fine Art Print by vin zzep

Surreal Mixed Media Fine Art Prints by vin zzep

Surreal Artworks. A selection of surreal mixed media fine art prints by vin zzep. The artworks are available on Society6.
Quad Polar Evolution of 2040 - Abstract Digital Artwork by Karborn

Experimental Fine Art Prints by Karborn

Digital Art. Artist Karborn creates experimental, mixed media fine art prints. Available as high quality giclee prints.

Swallow – Digital Art by Ehren Mikeal Kallman

Swallow Abstract digital artwork by Ehren Mikeal Kallman.
Tattoos by Jessica Chen

Tattoos by Jessica Chen

Let's have a look at Jessica Chen's delicate tattoos. Based in Toronto, Canada, Jessica Chen is a very talented painter, graphic designer, and tattoo artist....
Painting by Lee Jin Ju

Dreamlike Surreal Paintings by Artist Lee Jin Ju

Surreal Visual Art. The fantastic paintings by Korean artist Lee Jin Ju look like separated scenes, taken out a a dream. source: